This web-site will provide you some information about me, and the healing work I do.

In short, I do therapeutic healing work with people using both Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy, and Usui Reiki.

My research page details some of the science and research behind these modalities.

The energy healing work I do is grounded in the science, research, and protocols involved in these approaches while also valuing the intuitive nature of the body, and the body's own wisdom.

I work with people to help them restore their body's natural balance and flow through therapeutic touch. The process may involve an emotional, physical or even deeply spiritual experience. Returning the body to restorative balance can give rise to healing, personal growth and greater self-awareness. It strengthens our capacity to be resilient, grounded and connected to ourselves and others with strength, wisdom, and compassion.

"Body work is soul work.."
   -Marion Woodman